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Jen is amazing!!! What an angel. Best facial ever. Such attention to detail. I will be coming back. Best dermaplaning treatment I've ever had.

Caitlin C.
Yelp! Review - 3/29/2016

I had really bad Rosacea. My dermatologist was had me doing really expensive laser treatments. Nothing was working. Then my business partner said go sit down with Jen. Thank God I did. I have not had a flare up in months. She put me on a simple regimen of products and things not to eat. She's a miracle worker.

Aaron P.
Yelp! Review - 11/9/2016

"Just got my first Dermaplane and i am in love with how my face looks! Literally feels and looks like a baby's butt! I'm sooo in love!!!!! I can't wait for my next one. Definitely learned so much today about my skin care routine. Must try it!"

Johana A.
Yelp! Review - 3/29/2018

"A chance meeting with a friend led me to Jen. She is AMAZING! She fixed my heinous eyebrows and made me look like ME (not some artificially shaped me) on my best day. Love! She's now in the process of rehabilitating my oily, acne prone skin. Jen is extremely thorough and attentive. She explains her process step by step (which is important to a control freak personality like mine). I'm doing exactly as she says, and I can already see results in less than 48 hours! She's taking such good care of me. I can't imagine how I survived without her."

Shahada E.
Yelp! Review - 1/30/2016

Jen has made my eye brows look amazing every single time i've gone to her! She's the best and have recommended her to all my friends!

Justin "JJ" J.
Yelp! Review - 11/28/2016

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“It’s more than skin care, it’s beauty from within.”

Each of my services is customized to achieve maximum benefits that provide you with balanced, hydrated, and nourished skin.

As an esthetician with more than twenty five years of experience, my goal is to educate and coach my clients on the importance of skin care as part of their daily health and wellness routine…

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Specialty Services

Nano Needling

NanoNeedling is a gentle but effective procedure that is an excellent form of
exfoliation that sloughs off the surface layer of the skin and dramatically boosts the absorption of active skin care products by creating nano channels in the skin that are a direct line to deliver nourishing serums below the skin barrier. Resulting in refined wrinkles, lessoning of scarring, evening out of hyperpigmentation and other skin imperfections. It also increases hydration, softens lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone and improves skin texture.

This treatment is right for you if ~
*you are not a candidate for invasive procedures
*you are concerned about painful treatments